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Window Company - About us

We first opened our doors in 1992 with a small 6000sqft unit, manufacturing vinyl windows. We are a 4th generation company in the window industry. Our company is a privately owned Canadian company, which operate a state-of-the-art windows and doors manufacturing facility totaling 400,000 sq. ft. in Vaughan, Ontario where we produce both our windows and doors. Window City is a window company that has one of the best warranties in the industry plus our dealers offer customer support and service that are unrivaled in the industry.

Window City is known for excellence, innovative design, superb craftsmanship, state-of-the-art technology and reliable delivery. Dealers, builders, architects and home renovators enjoy working with our vast range of products, options and accessories and they appreciate the excellent service we offer. You will find our designs showcased throughout North America in homes that range from simple to superb.

We know the window and door businesses, after having produced over two million windows. We understand the Manufacturing Process, Glass Technology, Home Construction and Renovation industry. In fact, it is this in-depth knowledge that has enabled us to design, make and deliver exactly what you are looking for today, while researching the world and creating what you will want tomorrow!

We thank you for your continued support, loyalty and trust in our products.


Our products are inspected at every stage of manufacture from extrusion to cutting, processing, welding, cleaning and final assembly to work towards zero defects. It’s this passion for each and every product we create that’s allowed us to have OVER TWO MILLION WINDOWS IN HAPPY HOMES IN ONTARIO ALONE.


We’re also the largest Windows and Doors Manufacturer in Canada under one roof.

We are the ONLY manufacturer in Canada to use a patented raw material mix which allows for a stronger, longer lasting and more energy efficient vinyl window.

Our Products exceed all quality testing standards by at least 30%. Our vinyl walls are thicker and stronger. Our gas filled windows exceed the industry standard. The sealant around our Super Spacer is thicker than required and maintains a superior seal.

Our Casement and Slider windows constantly outrank competitors and we have more “Most Efficient” windows than other manufacturer according to Energy Star ratings.

We’ve invested millions of dollars to obtain the highest quality and most advanced manufacturing equipment available allowing us to offer custom built windows quickly and without custom pricing.

We offer more energy efficient glass options than any other manufacturer.

We are a conscientious manufacturer that makes sure what we do is safe for the environment, recycling any raw materials and water used in our manufacturing process.


Expand your product offering and strengthen your business with quality windows and doors. Window City Dealers and Contractor Programs are designed for the window and door professionals who want a market advantage with products and options unique in the industry.

Canadian Manufacturing
Window City is the largest windows and doors manufacturer in Canada. Over the last 26 years we have built our reputation by manufacturing windows and doors that combine innovative design with superb state of the art construction. We offer you more choices and greater selection all from one source.

Invigorate Your Business
Align your company with a name your customers trust. Window City offers competitive pricing and exceptional value for all products. We provide you with a wealth of marketing material, online resources and product specifications that will keep your business ahead of the competition.

Lead Generation
We help develop and broaden your lead-generation sources. By providing sales tools to increase your revenue. We have an in-depth understanding of the importance of digital marketing trends. And we will assist you with in-bound marketing resources that will ease the lead generation process.

Stay Ahead of the Competition
We offer showroom assistance programs along with additional sales and marketing tools that will help you grow your market share and increase your profits. We have designed programs that can be custom tailored to your current business plan and will assist in your long-term growth plans.


Let us help strengthen your reputation and bolster your business – making it a must-have for professionals like you.


Window City has been the most trusted windows and doors manufacturer among builders and architects for over 26 years. If you are looking for windows and doors that combine innovative design with superb construction and give you unparalleled performance, then you have come to the right place. Let us help you with design, new construction, remodel and replacement products. Together we can bring your ideas to life.

Canadian Vinyl Window and Door Manufacturer
Canadian Manufacturing
We have invested in some of the most advanced manufacturing equipment available from around the World.

Over 26 years in the window and door industry. Over two million vinyl windows in happy homes across Canada.

Cost Effective
In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace automation allows us to provide better quality products while lowering manufacturing costs. and at the same time increasing production. A fact that makes Window City the leader in our sector.

Energy Efficiency
More Energy Star rated windows and doors than any other manufacturer. Regardless of the product we build for you – it will exceed the Energy Star ratings and match or exceed building code requirements.

4th Generation, family owned Canadian vinyl window and door company Canada.

Our products are built to exceed quality testing standards by at least 30% allowing them to withstand harsh climates.

Traditional designs meet modern day technology in our Heritage Collection. Our engineers have taken the classic contours of a hand crafted wood window and combined them with the performance and durability of vinyl.
The Classic European profiles offer unique design flexibility to enhance any architectural style and will stand the test of time. Tapered brickmould is built into the frame and are ready to finish in any opening saving time and adding to the beauty of the finished installation.
Contoured slim-line profiles that produce the maximum glass area without sacrificing structural performance. Attention to detail distinguishes the Heritage Maximum Collection windows creating beautiful vistas throughout your home.
Designed to deliver ultimate strength and durability as well as functionality and beauty. Available in standard two panel or four panel units or custom built. Extensive solar solution options, custom shapes, sizes, grilles, colour, hardware and accessories.
Create an entryway that is stunning as well as functional. Manufacturing at its finest, superior structural integrity along with quality and unmatched performance with our exclusive all uPVC and aluminum reinforced frame system. A truly unique door system.
Built to last, and built with care using the latest innovations in today's door construction technology. Available with a variety of frame systems, providing the customer with an array of options.
Incorporating superior structural integrity with our exclusive all uPVC, aluminum reinforced frame system. A truly unique door system that offers full customization, including: size, configuration, hardware, colour and glass selection. A selection that is unmatched in the industry today.


Window City understands the challenges builders and architects face, and we are dedicated to being a partner you can count on.

Resources for Builders & Architects

At Window City, we take pride in providing you not only with the highest quality in manufacturing and stylish products that work for you and your customers. But we also pride ourselves with the services and resources that builders and architects have come to rely on and expect when dealing with Window City.
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Window and door projectsWindow and door projects
Window and door projectsWindow and door projects
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Window Company - About us

We first opened our doors in 1992 with a small 6000sqft unit, manufacturing
vinyl windows. We listened to your demands for innovative and custom
products and today, we operate a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility
totaling 400,000 sqft in Vaughan, Ontario. Our ultimate goal is to provide
our customers with more choices and greater selection, all from one source.
We thank you for your continued support, loyalty and trust in our


Our comprehensive knowledge of the window industry is evident in our investment in the most advanced manufacturing equipment available from around the world. Being a fully integrated windows and doors manufacturer has allowed Window City to control all facets of the Window City manufacturing process.

We have an automated assembly line for our new door line which is one of the most flexible automated door production lines around. It can handle the most complex door combinations with multiple customer options. This automated system starts with Order Entry right through: cutting, processing, welding, cleaning, painting, assembly, quality control and shipping. This is all done through Window City’s ERP solution to ensure that we provide consistent quality each and every time. We staffed it with highly trained assemblers and quality control officers who can deal on the spot, with any small issues that may arise.

Manufacturing - Compounding
Window City manufactures its own PVC compound made from top quality resin. This allows us to control the quality and consistency necessary to provide some of the most advanced extrusions in the marketplace today. Our products consistently exceed quality testing standards by at least +30%.
We extrude all of our profiles, making our products exclusive to Window City. Our investment in the latest technology allows us to produce the finest extrusions in the industry today, while maintaining quality control and design flexibility throughout the process. The end result guarantees our products are one of a kind in the window and door industry.
Automated Fab Center
The automated cutting center is intended for any type of frames, sashes and profile, as well as door panels. All their drilling and milling operation are fully carried out with our automated cutting machines.  The automated saws are programmed for any chosen angle to adapt to the specific needs of each customer’s requirement.
Automated Welding and Cleaning
All units are manufactured using the latest automated technology which is designed to ensure consistent structural and aesthetic features for each and every product. Automated 4 point welders and cleaners ensure this consistency throughout our entire product offering regardless of the size or configuration of your windows or doors.
Window Manufacturing
Window City has installed a high performance painting process that allows us to provide a 10 year colour warranty. This new paint is formulated with heat reflective pigments to minimize heat gain for dark colours, has excellent elasticity to withstand thermal expansion and cold weather impact and has excellent abrasion and impact resistance to chipping. Fitting in well with our Manufacturing process this new paint is water based and is environmentally safe.
Glass Technology
Window City’s state of the art automated glass manufacturing system is designed to provide the highest quality sealed units each and every time. This technology allows us to incorporate the most efficient warm edge system with our Super Spacer as well as allowing us to offer several performance and safety options in our windows and doors. This automated gas fill machine allows Window City to actually certify the argon or krypton gas fill for each sealed unit it produces. Even the sealant around our Super Spacer is thicker than required and maintains a superior seal.
Window Manufacturing
Quality Control and Testing
Our design capabilities enable all research, development and testing operations to be conducted in direct association with our engineers and production managers.