HC-650 Ultra In-Swing Patio Door

Patio Door Cross-Section
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Patio Door Cross-Section
Patio Door Cross-Section
Patio Door Cross-Section
Interior View
Exterior View
Features of the In-Swing Patio Door System
1 Frame
6 5/8” x 1 1/2”All uPVC multi-chambered welded frame
2 Aluminum Reinforcement
Frame comes standard with full aluminum reinforcement. Which adds strength, performance, and security to the overall door frame
3 Brickmould
Welded uPVC exterior brickmould to match frame finish
4Aluminum Sill
uPVC Welded weeped sill with aluminum reinforcement. Designed with offset drainage channels and a clear aluminum anodized sill cover
5 Aluminum Sill Extension
The sill extension is designed to be incorporated to an existing wider wall sills wall applications that provides a decorative finish
6 uPVC Panel
5“ Side stile uPVC welded sash, with aluminum reinforcement
7 uPVC Panel
8” Bottom rail uPVC welded sash with aluminum reinforcement (also available in 5”)
8 Adjustable Sweep
Adjustable self-draining sweep with multi-bulb fins
9 Foam weather stripping
Foam compression weather stripping is used to provide an optimal secure tight seal around the perimeter of the door, which keeps the cold air out during winter months
10 Glass
Triple-pane glass (optional)
11 Exterior Sweep Hole
When rain is trapped in this unique PVC channel, it is then released outside through the weep hole. A weep hole cover helps prevent insects from entering below the sill

Ultra Patio Door In-Swing Configurations

Grill Options

Window City offers a full selection of Grilles and Divided Lite Options that provide unique and popular design features for our casement windows.

Grilles and divided light options can add a whole new dimension to your home’s appearance. Window City can create that unique architectural element by customizing either your internal or external grille selections. Custom grilles can be conveniently located between the glass for easy maintenance or for a more traditional look, exterior Simulated Divided Lite options are available.

Vinyl Window Simulated Divided Lite

SDL grilles will provide the traditional look of hand crafted windows while maintaining a single sealed glass unit. You can choose from various sizes, patterns and colour options, all designed to enhance the unique style of your home.

Vinyl Window Internal Grille

Totally maintenance-free, these grilles are inside the insulated glass. The several profiles, colours and styles available give you a perfect way to add an extra level of decorative detail and styling.

Grill Type

With Window City, you’ll find a variety of Grille Types, widths and styles to help achieve any design look. Choose the right Grill Type by clicking on each thumbnail image below to view colours available.

SDL GRILLES (3/4 inch)
SDL GRILLES (1 inch)

Grill Pattern

Vinyl Window Grille Patterns

Accessory Options Interior/Exterior

All Window City products can be customized to meet your exact application requirements with our extensive interior/exterior accessory options that are factory applied and fully integrated into your in-swing patio doors. The possibilities are endless with either standard or custom interior and exterior accessories. We at Window City manufacture our own accessories ensuring a perfect fit and finish for all of our products. Our accessories are fully functional for your application and add fine detail to your in-swing patio doors.

Trim Options

Patio Door Frame With Accessory Options

Patio Door Accessory Option
Patio Door Accessory Option
Patio Door Accessory Option
Patio Door Sliding Accessory Option

1” – 4 1/2” PVC Brickmould

Expanders, Nailing Fins, and Returns

Vinyl Window Accessories Option
Vinyl Window Accessories Option
Vinyl Window Accessories Option

Simulated Divided Lite

Vinyl Window Accessories Option
Vinyl Window Accessories Option
Vinyl Window Accessories Option



PVC Casing Extension

Vinyl Window Accessories Option
Vinyl Window Accessories Option
Vinyl Window Accessories Option
Vinyl Window Accessories Option

Structural Reinforcement Mullions with Steel Reinforcement

Patio Door Sliding Accessory Option
Patio Door Sliding Accessory Option

Accessories: Window Couplers

Patio Door Sliding Accessory Option
Patio Door Sliding Accessory Option
Patio Door Sliding Accessory Option

3 1/4″ & 4 1/2″ Vertical Sections

Vinyl Window Accessories Option
Vinyl Window Accessories Option
Exterior Capstock Colour Options

At Window City we understand how important it is for homeowners to be able to choose exterior patio door colours for their home other than white. We also realize that durability is essential. We were one of the very few companies in North America who invested in the extruded Capstock colour technology from Europe as early as 1998. Our Capstock colour bonding system, co-extrudes a solid PVC colour onto our extrusions that bonds directly with the uPVC vinyl frame. We saw this as being a critical element in finish durability in our North America climates. The Capstock process ensures: Durability, Colour Retention, Stain and Scratch Resistance, Gloss Control and Impact Retention.

Patio Door Colors HC650

We offer 18 exterior paint colour choices which are water based and environmentally friendly as well as weather and fade-resitant.

Patio Door Colors

Automatic Multipoint Locking System

Our Lever handle set provides beauty and security with our automatic locking system.

• European technology in a North American Lock

• By simply closing the door the upper and lower ¾” (290mm) latches will instantly engage

• By turning the key from the outside or the knob from the inside, it will engage the 1″ central deadbolt and lock the top and bottom latches to become a 3 deadbolt locking system

Multipoint Locking System on Double Doors (Mortice Lock)

The stainless steel mortice lock system used on the inactive panel of double doors. It has shoots top and bottom which extend into the frame to lock and secure the door.

Mortise Lock for the Inactive Panel on Double & French Doors

Standard Adjustable Hinges

2D hinge design incorporates a snap feature allowing the jamb leaf to easily snap into the panel leaf, a great advantage in the door hanging process. The system is non-handed and comes in a vertical adjustment as well as a horizontal adjustment hinge. Available in multiple finish options.

Standard Door Sills

Window City’s patented fully weeped sill with offset covered drainage channels.

This is available from 8½” up to 10” with clear aluminum anodized finish or dark bronze finish.

Patio Door Hardware

Window City’s Solar Solutions glass options provide several choices to maximize energy savings. Our products meet or exceed the Energy Star requirements in Canada.

We are constantly improving our insulating values, with our one of a kind system that allows us to certify the gas content in each and every unit, by applying our gas right at the time of sealing the unit. The non-conductive Super Spacer (S.S.) helps to keep the cold or hot from transferring to the interior, and reduces condensation build up in winter.

Super Spacer
Window City windows come standard with Super Spacer, the world’s only 100% polymer foam, NO-Metal Warm Edge spacing system. “Thermal efficiency through no presence of conductive metals” is Super Spacer’s hallmark. The edge of the insulating glass unit is indeed the most vulnerable to heat and cooling loss, condensation and frosting. Super Spacer’s NO-Metal formula blocks the heat escape path and provides one of the best thermal performances in the industry. That means it keeps the heat in during the winter months and keeps the cool in during the summer months. Super Spacer assures comfortable winter humidity levels with hardly any worries about condensation and mould.

LoĒ 180ESC™ Glass for Canada
When the weather turns bitterly cold in Canada, LoĒ-180ESC™ glass is like a warm welcome to your home. LoĒ-180ESC™ is an update of our successful LoĒ-180™ glass and is designed to help meet the new performance requirements for ENERGY STAR® Canada in 2020. It keeps homes warmer and more comfortable by blocking heat loss to the outside and letting the sun’s heat stream in. With a glass U-Factor of just 0.26 and an SHGC of 0.71, LoĒ-180ESC™ is the ideal product for passive solar applications in Canada.
LoĒ-272™ glass is ideal for all weather conditions in most climates. In winter, it reflects heat back into rooms. In summer, its patented coating blocks 86% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and 63% of the sun’s heat. During cold weather, the insulating effect of your windows has a direct impact on how your rooms feel. Typically, 75% of the exposed surface of a window is glass, and the temperature of the room-side of the glass directly affects the air temperature in the room. The better insulated the window glass, the warmer your room will be.
The new i-89™ coating will be found on the inside surface (room side) where it reflects the escaping heat back into the room, lowering U-factors and meeting the toughest energy guidelines as well. Coupled with our LoĒ-180ESC™ and argon fill, this double pane unit delivers near triple pane performance. What’s more, i-89™ enhanced performance glass is easy to clean and there is no haze to mar the view allowing more light to come into the room.

Neat® Naturally Clean Glass

Window City’s Neat® naturally clean glass harnesses the sun’s UV rays to loosen dirt so water can rinse it away, leaving windows virtually spotless. Your windows will stay cleaner longer and will clean easier.

Homeowners and builders will enjoy the effects that a little sun, rain and Neat glass brings to windows. In addition, because Neat is applied to Window City’s LoĒ-180ESC™ coated glazings, homes stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Argon Glass
At Window City our double-pane windows can be filled with argon gas to help insulate a room and minimize the transfer of heat through the window. Argon Gas is a colourless, odorless gas, that is denser than air thus adding it to the captive air in double-pane windows improves thermal insulation efficiency. Installing argon gas-filled windows can help improve your energy efficiency and lower your home energy costs.
Krypton Glass
Krypton gas is an inert, slow-moving gas that improves thermal performance. Denser than Argon, Krypton gas does an excellent job of preventing heat loss. For maximum efficiency, Krypton is usually used in triple pane windows.

Krypton/Argon Mix Gas
Why choose one? Window City introduces an optimal combination of Argon/Krypton Mix to increase the energy efficiency of your windows. This combined duo also significantly reduces outside sound, adding to the privacy of your home.


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