WC-425 Awning Window

Vinyl Window WC425 CrossSection Main Display
Vinyl Window WC425 CrossSection Display Image
Vinyl Window WC425 CrossSection layout
Quality & Style | Technology | Customization
• 4 1/2″ Fusion-welded frame and sash provides superior strength
Ease of Operation | Longevity

• Sash is hinged at the top and opens 45 degrees from the bottom for ideal air circulation

• Easily removable smooth edge overlap screen with hidden retention system

• Low profile fold down hardware for effortless operation

• Double multi-point locking system provides additional security

Energy Efficiency
• Available with double or triple pane Solar Solutions glazing options
  A - Multi-chambered design insulates and prevents condensation
  B - Classic European profile for a hand crafted appearance
  C - Double co-extruded hollow bulb seal for added insulation value
  D - Double-strength glass with warm edge S-Class super spacer
  E - Quiet triple fin weatherseal on casement sash to virtually eliminate air infiltration

Grill Options

Window City offers a full selection of Grilles and Divided Lite Options that provide unique and popular design features for our casement windows.

Grilles and divided light options can add a whole new dimension to your home’s appearance. Window City can create that unique architectural element by customizing either your internal or external grille selections. Custom grilles can be conveniently located between the glass for easy maintenance or for a more traditional look, exterior Simulated Divided Lite options are available.

Vinyl Window Simulated Divided Lite

SDL grilles will provide the traditional look of hand crafted windows while maintaining a single sealed glass unit. You can choose from various sizes, patterns and colour options, all designed to enhance the unique style of your home.

Vinyl Window Internal Grille

Totally maintenance-free, these grilles are inside the insulated glass. The several profiles, colours and styles available give you a perfect way to add an extra level of decorative detail and styling.

Grill Type

With Window City, you’ll find a variety of Grille Types, widths and styles to help achieve any design look. Choose the right Grill Type by clicking on each thumbnail image below to view colours available.

SDL GRILLES (3/4 inch)
SDL GRILLES (1 inch)

Grill Pattern

Vinyl Window Grille Patterns

Accessory Options Interior/Exterior

All Window City products can be customized to meet your exact application requirements with our extensive interior/exterior accessory options that are factory applied and fully integrated into your windows. The possibilities are endless with either standard or custom interior and exterior accessories. We at Window City manufacture our own accessories ensuring a perfect fit and finish for all of our products. Our accessories are fully functional for your application and adding detail to your windows.

Trim Options

Specifications - Windows

3 1/4” & 4 1/2″ Window Frame With Accessory Options

1” – 4 1/2” PVC Brickmould